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This is the book that propelled the B-Word (branding) into the forefront.

This is the book that propelled the B-Word (branding)  into the forefront.  I still remember the first time someone quoted this book to me.  I had invited Scott Leach of BrandSpeak to come and talk about this new idea called branding to our EDPA Chapter.  The Coffee analogy made the clouds suddenly part, and the sun shone through and I could see.  I went out the next day and picked up a copy, read  (no devoured) it, and finally understood  that what we all do isn''t as much sales or marketing, but helping our client keep a promise. 

The idea that service businesses could elevate and differentiate  themselves was truly a new concept, one that we all understood in our gut, but had to be shown how to understand in our head.  Even though  some of the examples they use to illustrate the concept haven''t fared well, keep in mind that at the time they were truly something new and were the appropriate poster children for the experience economy.  After seeing Jim speak on several occasions, and having a few very educational conversations in a conference hotel bar seeing things through his eyes in a more contemporary fashion, I can truly say that the principles to be learned in this book  are as relevant today as they were then.

The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage (Hardcover) by B. Joseph Pine (Author), James H. Gilmore (Author) Harvard Business School Press (April 1999)http://markbendickson.com/wp-content/themes/hemingway/images/expeconomy.jpg"